Iggy: Ignacious Mwambola, Malawi

some videographic ballast, such as it is.
You can read more about it here:

About the song:
It’s titled Ancestor, by Ignacious Mwambola. Iggy is a local musician in Mchinji who has graciously lent us some of his songs for a film.

included in this weird, 3 a.m edit:
-You can see Iggy singing at around the 4:10 mark.

-Geo, a crazy erotic monkey–a female I might add–at a joint in Zanzibar.

-kids and women from Mchinji, Malawi mainly shot on the soccer field (“football pitch”) in Mchinji

-Lake Malawi (most of the water scenes that don’t involve an airplane wing). All shot in Nkata Bay.

-Mikey Rosato: the only Mzungu (white guy) you see in a few clips.

-Fulla and Mfumu (Sonia and Mikey’s dogs). Fulla the pup, Mfumu (“chief” in chichewa) the elder.